Legal language consultant Karen Lundquist works with law firms and attorneys around the world who need to use English for their job and who need an extra boost in their English skills to be as effective and successful as they can in their job as an attorney.

Language coaching

In one-to-one sessions held in a virtual classroom, students work on their specific language needs, which might be preparing for a talk they have to give at a conference, explaining a contract or a court decision for a client, or learning more in depth the vocabulary and terminology of their area of expertise. Read more

Small group courses

In the online virtual classroom, up to 11 students can take part in the class. Content varies depending on the needs and interests of the attorneys and the firm, as in the private language coaching. Read more

Global E-Law courses

These courses last from 4-6 weeks and deal with a specific legal topic (intellectual property, contracts) in an exercise that mirrors real life. Students do a simulated exercise of an arbitration or court trial, thus practicing the skills that they use as attorneys while also improving their English. Read more

Language consulting

This can range from legal translations, revising and editing written work (papers, correspondence, legal briefs) or simply being available to answer questions of “how do you say” or “what does this sentence mean?” These services are done either online (via email, IM) or over the phone. Read more


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Phone: 001-612-961-3940
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